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Winner's Post

Winner's Post

30 May 2017 | Alevtina Fomina, Russia

Russian cheer team looking forward to get back to Lommel. Our cup really needs a pair ;) See you soon!

We are H&G Italy

We are H&G Italy

26 May 2017 | Sara Imberti, H&G Italy

Beautiful, young and strong... our players have been training hard for weeks and they can’t wait to be on the field.


Winning is always important and it is rarely a question of luck. You can be lucky once, twice, but victories are always the fruit of hard work and of a tenacious team.


For this excellent job we have to thank Mapelli, our team's official coach!


Good luck guys! #WeAreH&Gitaly


See you there


Lommel, here we come!! Romania's Team

Lommel, here we come!! Romania's Team

24 May 2017 | Andra-Elena Festila, Romania

Like every team in this wonderful event we have been intensely preparing and continue to do so.


Since last year, the football team have begun training by joining national sports events and representing DHL with pride. This year's Romanian team consists of 17 players and one coach who hope to prove that they have been training hard enough to become better.


Also, the cheerleaders have begun their training in time to build a strong team. They have managed to gather new information about this sport and demonstrate a tremendous desire to show what they can do when a team is working "As One."


We are all very excited and we look forward to participating in EuroCup 2017!


And last but not least...Lommel, here we come!!

Leipzig Hub on the road to Lommel

12 May 2017 | Christian Adam , Leipzig Hub

The preparation for EuroCup 2017 actually never started because it never stopped - at least not for our LEJ Hub Cheerleaders.


They have been practising since September 2016 and have now reached the level of three training sessions per week. New team members have been integrated and motivation for another success is set up properly.


The same applies to our football team and to the supporters. Passion, creativity, effort and the road to Lommel on our minds - we are looking forward to a colorful time at EuroCup 2017.

Finnish Football Fever

Finnish Football Fever

03 May 2017 | Erno Parjanne, Finland

Like every team, Team Finland have trained hard in preparation for the biggest event of the football season. Our team consists of 17 dedicated players and our coach, who has a rare un-sacked career record. We have had training sessions on a weekly basis since August - after a summer breathing-break during the Finnish heat season.


We have had the luxury of having an incredibly committed group of footballers who have made it to Helsinki every week to participate. Being coach of the team, it brings me great pride and pleasure to see players driving a two or three hour drive one-way and another one back to take part and contribute. The weather and other conditions have not always been perfect for this - but still everybody makes it almost every week.


Our preparation routine also consists of training matches against the local teams and we have also expanded to some futsal events during the lengthy winter season up north.


The cherry on the cake will be the Nordic Cup which, thanks to our Swedish friends, will be organized in Stockholm in early May. There we'll have a chance to meet our colleagues from Sweden and Denmark for practise matches that should help us all in preparation for Lommel 2017.


See you there!

A Day in the life of a DHL Cheerleader

A Day in the life of a DHL Cheerleader

28 April 2017 | Chantal Vanbeselaere, Belgium and BruHub

(Every) Sunday:


Get up and do a triple filk flak as warming up :)



Get excited to get to cheerleading training



Meet and greet the whole cheerleading team - 11 women and yes, two tough and courageous men

Warm up and hope those legs finally get stretched

Try on the brand new outfits and pray they will fit and the diets have payed off



Practise the same stunts again and again, get exhausted but never give up

A bruise - who cares, we continue with our true can-do spirit



Crawl home... back to the family


(Every) Monday

Can barely get up the stairs but keep on smiling and saying to each other that we had great training yesterday.

Awesome Competitive Superstars

26 April 2017 | Bram Delmot , ACS Europe

Last year was the first EuroCup ever for team “ACS Europe”.


ACS generally stands for “Awesome Competitive Superstars” (unlike the widespread theory that is stands for “Air Capacity Sales”… don’t believe this) and this is not surprising; during our first participation we already held the record for “most average number of goals by game”.


This year we will be back with a mission to achieve the impossible: perform even better…


Once again we will return with a range of different nationalities within our team. Spain, England, Belgium, Italy, you name it - we have it!


Your team is playing? We’re looking forward to having some fun…


Your team is not playing but you still want to enjoy an enlightening blend of international talent? Come over and support us!


See You!



Slovenian Team is Ready! As One!

Slovenian Team is Ready! As One!

21 April 2017 | Špela Prestor, Slovenia



The desire to attend EuroCup grows year on year with everyone wishing to come and experience the great spirit of DHL As One!


So the ones selected to go always feel very proud to represent Slovenia in Lommel! Every year the team returns with great memories, new friendships and even more connections within the most international company in the world!


We can't wait to go there this year, see you all in Lommel!

For the Swedish fans

19 April 2017 | Katarina Konjic, Sweden

Hi everyone,


This is Team Sweden warming up with our line dance.


We are looking forward to seeing you all again, cheering our throats sore.


Our team is a bit smaller this year, but we are more excited than ever!


See you all in Lommel.


Good luck to all teams from us in Sweden!

Go, Latvia, Go!

Go, Latvia, Go!

12 April 2017 | Linda Liepina, Latvia

In Express Latvia there is under 100 employees. Sure there are over 60 people who would like to take part in the fantastic Eurocup event, however, if we allowed this we would have to close the office for a couple of days. That’s why the only guarantee of going is by becoming a member of the joined Baltic football team or Latvian cheerleading team.


Latvia is a fantastic country with good tradition in almost all sports except cheerleading. Imagine that until last year there was only one cheer squad in the whole country performing stunts and 3 level pyramids. This is why we are so extremely proud of the hard work we put in. DHL Latvia Cheerleaders’ team practiced hard, learned how to do stunts and pyramids and had it all for our main performance in 2016!


Our history of being in the finals 2 years ago and the solid performance in the advanced category a year ago encourages us to have more engagement, fun, smiles and lots of team spirit for practicing our routine for this year.


If you want to see how much excitement one can get from planks, squats, pushdowns, stunts, jumps and somersaults - please come and cheer with us and for us during our main performance.


Go, Latvia, Go!