04 MAY


Dear Europe team,

Each year our EuroCup event delivers a lot of fun and excitement, and it’s wonderful to see you all showing your Passion and Right 1st Time spirit on the field and in the cheerleading arena. For this reason, we were really looking forward to reuniting with 2,500 of you in Lommel from 29 May to 1 June and celebrating together As One.

Unfortunately, due to the continuing spread of the Covid-19 infection across the world, we have made the decision to cancel this year’s EuroCup. This decision didn’t come easily to us, as this event is one of the biggest highlights in our European calendar, but your health and safety are our number one priority. The current coronavirus context means that international travel and large events pose a risk to all those involved.

Conversely, we would like to ask all of us to keep a sober and rational based attitude towards the real threats associated to Covid-19 infection. The company has activated contingency plans in line with our business continuity policy to ensure we are shielded from any remote risk of virus infection, to ensure maximum protection for all of us along with protection of our contribution to the worldwide economy.

A specific task force is in place under the coordination and guidance of corporate DPDHL across all Business Units to ensure consistency with the WHO recommendations and national regulations, transparency of information, clear guidance and best practice sharing. Your country managers are all informed and connected and we are confident they are in the best position to provide the appropriate support to all of you.

Thank you to the team that worked so hard up until today to make EuroCup an incredible event, especially the team leads, country coaches and athletes.

We now look forward to EuroCup 2021, which is sure to be an occasion of even greater joy and excitement!

If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the EuroCup team at

Your teammates,

Alberto & Farnaz

21 JUL


Huge congratulations to Anton Chmutov who has won a place at EuroCup 2020 

EuroCup 2019 - Gift Shop
03 JUN

EuroCup 2019 - Gift Shop

20 MAY

New Supporter Competition

🎉 We're counting down the days until we're all together As One for this year's EuroCup 2019!

Make sure you check out the supporter competition this year!

To register, please email your team and your country/entity to 🎉

03 MAY

🎵 Calling all DJs! 🎵

Our CEO Alberto wants to see your competition entries from all around Europe!

EuroCup Introduces #DHLPlayFair
03 MAY

EuroCup Introduces #DHLPlayFair

EuroCup is all about bringing the whole DHL family together for a safe and fun event that shows the true spirit of DHL employees.

Remember to always treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect! Enjoy yourself responsibly and no matter if you win or lose, play As One! If you see something you think doesn't fit in with this code of conduct, report it – security will sort it!

Now let's get excited and Get In The Game!


28 MAR

DHL EuroCup 2019 - Live Draw

Drumroll, please! Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for - the results of our EuroCup Draw 2019!


01 FEB


Cheerleaders once again, it's on.

We challenge you to make your own creative promotional video lasting up to 1 minute! Videos must be uploaded to our official Facebook Group.

Everyone needs to like and <3 when teams share - because YOU choose this year's winner.

Good luck!


23 NOV


23 MAY